Posted 1 month ago


From nervous, balding, dull-brown hair to shiny black beauty. 
Am I right to feel proud?

Posted 2 months ago

The Biggles FM sign has been resurrected!  

Posted 6 months ago

Last night we scattered Kryssy’s ashes. This is her final resting place. RIP my beautiful girl.

Posted 6 months ago

Meet our latest foster dog - little Pixie

Posted 7 months ago
Posted 7 months ago

Last night we lost Kryssy - Princess Gorgeous - to that vile disease osteosarcoma at only eight years old.

RIP My beautiful girl, you will be forever missed, and not just by us.

Posted 9 months ago

140106 Jodie Gotcha Day-0082 on Flickr.

today is Jodie’s 12th Gotcha Day.

Posted 10 months ago

Patch, the latest foster dog.

Posted 11 months ago

Stressing over the fireworks.

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… fall




Hound Dogs Running

Dear Mel,

Aww, greyhound playing. Actually I can’t tell if it’s a grey or a whippet.